Important Dates

Abstract  Full Paper Notification    Final Registration   Main Conference   
April 15, 2023   May 1, 2023July 1, 2023August 1, 2023September 15-17, 2023

Submission Methods

Authors are invited to submit abstract/ full paper through the online submission system. Please refer to the detailed guideline for online submission system, or send them to the conference email:

Authors can submit a full paper directly without submitting an abstract proposal firstly.

Authors who are interested in making a presentation at the conference without publication, please submit your abstract to

Authors need to ensure that their manuscripts are prepared in a way that does not give away their identity, also please remove the info that can be used to trace back to the authors via a web search. To help with this situation, here is a suggestion:

You can only keep the Names and affiliations on the first page of your manuscript (Names and affiliations will be removed or covered when sent to the reviewers, however, the original version will still be kept as metadata ), the rest body of the manuscript should never refer any authors’ personal information or give away your identity. 

If a paper is accepted, the complete list of authors must remain identical to the metadata in the final camera-ready manuscript.

Title Page

For conference conducting double-blind peer review, the Title Page should cover the information of authors, acknowledgments to disclose funding sources or other information that could disclose the identities of authors. Please note that the Title Page will not be shared with reviewers. 

Please download the Title Page here: 

Title Page-English.docx

Title Page-Chinese.docx


Before handing in the manuscript, all authors are expected kindly to proceed with a self-check. A thorough self-revise will be of great help to our peer reviewers’ work. While running a self-revise, we suggest checking key qualities such as:


Make sure that your paper contains no plagiarism, and offers novel ideas.


Make sure that the writing of your paper clarify the work of study.

Scientific soundness

Your research presented in the papers should be valid, with the solid design of the experiment.


Your research work in the paper needs to be sufficiently important to the field and achieve sufficiently advances in the focused area.


The priority audience of the paper should accord with those of the conference.


The paper submitted to the conference should be written in English. Please choose appropriate words, and proper grammar and avoid spelling and syntax errors.


Paper exceeding 5 pages will occur extra charges. Please make sure your paper’s length is sufficient to support the subject.


The presentation of your work is one of the critical assessments.

Length and Paper Format

Submitted papers should be written in English, including all figures, tables, references, and appendices. ordinary length limits are suggested no less than 4 pages.

For detailed paper format information, please download here: Full Paper Template and Abstract Template

*Tips: Be sure to use the templates conference mode, and read the template documentation for details.

Audio Visual Support During Presentations

Basic AV equipment like a projector with screen, microphone, laptop, and CD/DVD-ROM Drive will be provided, there will be technicians in the room should any problems occur with the audio-visual equipment. Please seek their support if you require this at any time during your presentation.

*Please be aware that internet access is not guaranteed. having an external storage source is imperative. If you need some extra software for your presentation, please contact IAEEEE staff to make sure it is possible. 

Poster Dimension

Dimensions for the conference poster are 1189 * 841 mm. Height is 1189 mm, and width is 841mm.