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Researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit original, unpublished contributions, The topics of interest include but are not limited to:

Advanced object identification, classification, and localization

Manufacturing and Logistics

Analysis, verification, and synthesis of hybrid systems

Mobile computing and devices for CPS

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality interactions

Networking systems for CPS applications

Big Data system and data analytics for CPS

Object access and networking technology

Blockchain technology


Cloud computing

Overcoming siloization of IoT systems

Control of CPS

Participatory sensing

Control systems

Physical World Event Processing and Understanding


Physical world observations

Cyber-physical multimedia systems and applications

Privacy protection, data sharing technologies

Data collection

Real time systems

Data mining

Real World Applications of IoT technology

Data security, authentication and authorization

Real-time decision making

Deep learning

Reality mining

Distributed systems

Seamless human-to-object and object-to-object interactions

Embedded systems

Security and privacy of CPS

Emerging applications in CPS

Semantic data description frameworks

Event processing

Sensor networks

Experimental prototypes of CPS

Service discovery and composition

Extracting information from large datasets

Signal processing

Field, edge, and cloud devices

Simulation of CPS applications

Healthcare, and human computer interactions

Social Acceptance of IoT Systems

Human in the loop systems

Social networks

Industrial Internet

Synchronization in distributed systems

Industry 4.0

Tampering protection and detection in IoT systems

Information architecture design

Ubiquitous and pervasive computing

Information theory

Use case and user study of CPS

Integration of Physical and Virtual Artifacts and Events

Vehicular and industrial networking

Internet of Things Architecture


Interoperability of IoT Systems

Wearable cyber-physical systems and applications

IoT Interactions

Web Technologies for the IoT

Machine learning

Web-based discovery and search