The Weather in Amsterdam

Whether it rains or whether it’s sunny and warm, whether there’s a fresh breeze or snow -- Amsterdam is a beautiful city in every kind of weather and worth visiting in every season.


Holland has a temperate maritime climate marked by moderately cold winters and relatively cool summers. Which is the perfect weather for a city trip to Amsterdam, actually. Because who wants to explore a city when it’s boiling hot or freezing cold? Experience Amsterdam in the first spring sunshine or enjoy a cup of coffee by the canals or on Museumplein square in summer. And if it should happen to be windy or raining in fall or winter, Amsterdam has countless attractions that you can visit.

So if you are traveling to Amsterdam, always remember to pack a raincoat to deal with the often changeable weather in Amsterdam, so you’ll be prepared for every eventuality. And would you like a few handy tips for when in Amsterdam from our employees? When the weather is good, go for a swim at Amsterdam’s urban beach. And when it’s raining, go taste a ‘jenever’ (Dutch gin) at Proeflokaal Wynand Fockink.


Amsterdam in the sunshine

The sun is shining and you are looking forward to a beautiful day in Amsterdam? How about a boat tour of the city canals? You can admire the city from a tour boat or paddle through the canals on a pedal boat. Sunny weather offers the perfect opportunity to explore the city. And when you get tired, relax on a sunny terrace with a cool drink or cup of excellent coffee. We have made a list of highly recommended pubs and cafés in Amsterdam for you.


What to do when it rains in Amsterdam?

Will the weather be bad when you visit Amsterdam? Not a problem. Few European cities boast this many museums and attractions in such a compact area. Why not visit the Rijksmuseum with its 8000 exhibits. You can certainly spend a rainy day here and you still won’t have seen it all! The Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum rub shoulders with the Rijksmuseum. There is also the world-famous wax museum Madame Tussauds, where you might even run into the Dutch Royal Family. This way, a bad weather day in Amsterdam turns into a cultural highlight that you won’t easily forget! Please note that you can contact the VVV tourist office about events and exhibitions that you can visit during your stay.




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