Conference program


Time: 9:00-17:00, Dec. 4, 2020

Registration+conference materials collection

Keynote Session+Technical Sessions: 

Time: 9:00-18:30  Dec. 5, 2020

Plenary Lectures+Keynote Lectures+Oral Presentations

Poster Presentations

Time: 15:00-15:30  Dec. 5, 2020

Award ceremony

Time: 19:00-19:30  Dec. 5, 2020

Banquet dinner

Time:19:30-20:30  Dec. 5, 2020

Social Networking Event (TBD)

Time:9:00-18:30  Dec. 6, 2020


All the participants are requested to give an oral presentation in English based on their papers. There will be 15 minutes for each presentation (inclusive of Q&A). We will provide laptop and other equipments for the presentation. Presenters should  get their PPT/PDF prepared and send it to the conference secretary via e-mail before the conference.